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Have a question about what, why or how Suncoast 24-7 'operates'? Check below.

� Why are some bands promoted, and some aren’t?
Ⓐ ANY and EVERY SRQ/Charlotte County band or musician who submits their upcoming performances in a timely manner are promoted. All it takes is a 2 second EMAIL (lisa@theberkshires24-7.com) or TEXT (941-677-3636) including all the details, website links, photos, etc. We’ll post the shows on TOP of the INCREDIBLE Nightlife Calendar listings, with links, photos, etc .... THEN, we will promote their ‘stuff’ here on our facebook page. It’s FREE! Although we COVER the happenings in the area "24-7" - we do not WORK 24-7. You may TEXT or EMAIL at anytime of the day ... we will respond during 'normal business hours'.
� Can I get you my events thru Facebook?
Ⓐ Well, you can … but there is absolutely no guarantee it will make it to the website, or be included in our facebook posts. We are an EXTREMELY BUSY website … listing hundreds & hundreds of events each week. To make this ‘work’, organization is KEY! Our method WORKS for US, and that is: all events must be submitted in ADVANCE via EMAIL (lisa@theberkshires24-7.com) or TEXT (941-677-3636) The PAGE administrators have a personal facebook timelines, yes. Personal is the key word. That is NOT the place to submit business correspondence. Sorry, but if 'administration' is 'on facebook' - chances are they are OFF DUTY. Once you've submitted your schedule, feel free to POST AWAY on our Suncoast24-7 facebook wall!!
� Why are some venues promoted, and some aren't?
Ⓐ Our site promotes Live & Local Bands & Musicians for FREE. Venues who SPONSOR ads on our website are promoted daily on our facebook page, as well … as a courtesy.
� Can I send you a press release?
Ⓐ Please, no. As busy as it gets around here, we simply do not have time to weed thru wordy press releases. Just include your event, and a brief ‘blurb’ about it. ALSO be sure to include exact location, date, time, cover charge or ticket price, age restrictions, etc. A link to a website or facebook page is welcome, and local bands/musicians may ALSO submit a graphic ("in addition to" - not "instead of") - which will be used on both the website and facebook posts to enhance their listings.
� Can I just send a flyer or poster?
Ⓐ Again … please, no. For the sake of ACCURACY, and time efficiency – we copy/paste directly from your email or text straight to our website. It’s not possible to copy text (information/details) from a poster or flyer (or any image!), and we do not have time to type out, word for word, hundreds of listings each week.
� Why are some events on top of the Nightly Listings on the INCREDIBLE Nightlife Calendar, and some are ‘listed below’?
Ⓐ ALL events submitted to us (by band, DJ, entertainer, etc - or venue) get placed on the upper portion. Bands who submit also get their listings enhanced with a link to their website or facebook page and a graphic. Listings are enhanced for venues who pay to advertise, also – and always placed at the top of the listings.
ALL events we discover thru our own research are placed ... somewhere 'below'. No links, no graphics, no frills. Some nights the calendar lists 50+ events. Face it, it couldn't hurt to be on TOP of that list where you will be seen by thousands & THOUSANDS of website visitors.
� Does Suncoast24-7 promote live bands from out of the area?
Ⓐ If a band is playing at a Sarasota or Charlotte County venue and submits their event via EMAIL or TEXT, yes … we will promote the event. If a LOCAL band/musician who keeps us faithfully informed of their upcoming schedule is playing OUT of the AREA, by all means we will promote that event, as well.
� If your website promotes Live & Local Bands/Musicians ... why do you include DJs, Karaoke, Trivia, Comedy, etc on the Nightlife Calendar and Facebook posts?
Ⓐ The more CURRENT, ACCURATE & COMPREHENSIVE content we provide, the MORE traffic/website visitors we attract. Someone might Google search Karaoke in the area, end up on our site (we would be the TOP, #1 search result, by the way - go ahead, try it!! ) ... and discover a wealth of information about the phenomenal Live Music happening around the county.
The more ENTERTAINMENT of any type we list, the more EXPOSURE everyone receives. Make sense?

... & MORE STUFF …….. We have built a platform for LIVE TALENT in the area to promote themselves online, for FREE. Our site (and facebook page) are TOP RANKING in all the major search engines, and we maintain a consistently HIGH volume of traffic daily. We are well established, our parent website is into its eighth year, and our traffic (visitors) have been steadily climbing since day one.
Our aim is to be accurate, current and comprehensive (this is why we are a ‘ONE STOP’ resource – and people return to us again and again). ANYONE who submits Sarasota or Charlotte County Events to us (via EMAIL or TEXT) is GREATLY appreciated. Your submissions drastically reduce our research time – and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!
Feel free to post any unanswered questions, or text us at 941-677-3636!
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